Thursday, March 3, 2011

updates part 3

Before I get into the next topic, this morning needs to be recapped.
Somebody decided to turn the alarm off and pretend we didn't have a workout to attend to. After 3 months of working out 5 mornings a week I didn't have much ammo to work with. So I rolled over too.
But, again, I was wide awake.  This time instead of embarking on a rainy run, I went to make a cup of coffee.  I had a dream of sipping it in bed while I watched the sunrise from our window alone with only the 2 dogs, the cat, and my snoring husband.
Low and behold as soon as I stepped onto the floor I heard the door creek.  Fast forward 2 minutes. No coffee, 4 people (actually 2 people 1 big sister and 1 monster; her words not mine) snuggled, giggled, sang made-up songs, and scolded Winnie the Pooh bear for peeing in bed over and over and over again.
It felt like a weekend. Only a weekend before we rushed out the door to ballet, work, church, birthday parties, etc...  Just a lazy lay in the bed morning. It reminded me why routine is so important. Without it this morning would have been like any other. But instead laying in bed for 45 minutes with 2 silly kids and my husband felt like a vacation.

I guess the morning got me off to a good start because I then decided that I needed to be super mom and "engage" my kids ALL DAY LONG. I wore a home depot apron with "my name is Adi" on it(because she wouldn't be caught dead in something that ugly) while baking wooden cookies, we painted and crafted, we read read read, and then headed out to learn how to ride trikes.

That last one kicked my butt more than theirs. I pretty much carried 2 tricycles and forced the two of them to walk a really long way the the playground. It ended with a picnic snack and wildflower picking.

Now onto preschool and uniforms. Adi will be wearing a uniform every day next year. It just cracks me up that she is already entering this phase. Andy's school is starting a Pre-k for the first time this coming fall so Adi will be attending( albeit a tad young, but hey having Daddy as the principal/director has to have some perks right?). And since it is a private school and since all the other kids wear uniforms why would the Pre-k be any different right? So miss thang will be dressed in navy blue and white everyday. Luckily for her, they can accessorize as they see fit.  I'm pretty sure as long as it's blue, tulle will be just fine to wear every now and again. It's more of a dress code I guess that a strict uniform, but I still don't see purple in her future.

Adi is so ready to learn. She is starting to write her letters. She has A-D- I in the bag now and is working on B-E- L- A- Y and L- O- V- E.  She asks questions NON STOP, and while I always found the "why" kids to be annoying I am surprised to find that my own "why" kid is just as annoying.  The poor little thing is just so curious and wants to learn everything but I just can't keep up.  Pre-k can't come soon enough.

We have begun looking into places for Belay to attend next year. While Adi has loved the preschool she has been at the last 2 years, I'm not sure it's what I want for him. Her class only has between 10-13 kids at a time the  whole school is well over 50 kids. I am hoping for something much smaller where he can get a lot of one on one attention and I can be more involved. The trouble is finding a place for a 2 1/2 year old that isn't "day care." He is on the wait list at a place I am hoping works out. (even typing that I feel way to much like one of those families who is stressing about the prestige of their 2 year old and how finding the perfect preschool will effect their college and law school.)
But the reality is there is no public preschool and only so many kids can be in each class so by process of elimination preschools are limited.*sigh*

And might I add that it is only 50% due to my own laziness sanity that I want him with someone else a few hours a week. I do think the aspect of playing somewhere else and listening to someone elses' rules will help tame my 2 year old lion. Also, having a sister and 2 girl cousins around as his only playmates at all times really makes him love playing with other boys. So all said and done I am hoping our little baby B gets to have a "school" of his very own in the fall.


  1. LOVING the updates...keep 'em coming!
    And, oh wow--Belay is getting big, huh? He looks so tall in that last pic!

  2. I know! he is catching up to Adi. I think the picture makes him look a little taller than he really is but he really is growing.

  3. Have you looked at the cooperative preschool which meets at the Unitarian Church on Charlotte St- I think it is called Friends of Mine?