Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Every morning this week I have thought of something to write about. It never seems happens. So I'm trying again tonight, montage style.

Topic 1:Sunrise

Funny how the sunrises differently when its pouring down rain. The other morning when the alarm went off at 6 am my workout buddy didn't leap out of bed, instead he mumbled something about not sleeping/crying children/just need a few more minutes...

I figured since I was up and wide awake (funny how when you're alseep by 9:05 pm 6am isn't so scary)I'd go for a run. I got dressed, creep out into the living room where I was met by a bright eyed bushy tailed Adi.
As tempted as I was to just run out that door and leave her with her already sleep deprived Daddy, I didn't.
"Adi, wanna go on an adventure?"

Thats all it took.She was on board. I thought she'd be really excited to see the sunrise anyways.
Then when I actually opened the front door I saw the rain. Not a little drizzle, a heavy down pour. Oh my.
What the heck, we were dressed, Adi could have gone out in a blizzard and would have been toasty warm, plus the jogger has an shade cover thingy. Off we went. In the rain.We ran. It rained. The sun did rise. But that magestic pink sky that Adi adores so much was more of a deer deep purple.

It wasn't what I had in mind and I felt like a bit of a horrid mom for taking my 3 yr old out at 6 am in February in the pouring rain. But she had a cool story to tell once we got home, and isn't that what life about?
Speaking of 3 year olds I have a birthday to re cap still.

Other topics on the horizon; 1.Belay's birthday decision,
                                            3.The Flu
Stay tuned cause it looks like this montage may need a few days to unfold.


  1. I love that you still went running when it was raining-I think that was a fabulous decision!

  2. Hahaha. Atta girl (or atta girls)