Wednesday, March 2, 2011

updates part 2

Moving on to topic 2. Enter belays birthday.

When his birth certificate was issued we knew it was with an arbitrary date of birth, but it was all we had. It was a June birthday and coming from a family of gloom and doom winter births June sounded great! It was close enough we thought, he could easily have be been a 10 month old when we met. But then we met his birth mom and she gave us this precious tiny piece of knowledge. Something tiny enough almost not worth the effort to even think about.

June came and went and we had a party. Belay screamed and napped through most of it.  The months ticked on and when people asked his age I hesitated. It felt strange to not know how to answer and inevitably I went into a lengthy explanation that the poor stranger who asked simply did not sign up for hearing.

February came and went and many many parties were had. Between all the cupcakes and party dresses I saw my little boy. On February 10th 2008 at 3:19 pm sweet Adi came rushing out into this world. We will always hold that date in our hearts. It is the moment her world, as she knows it, began.  How can I keep that from Belay? We were given a gift. A gift to pass along as we knew how. It may not be much and it may not make sense to others. Why go through all the effort to change a birthday? Summer parties are fun. We have so many birthdays in February why add a March too? Three months doesn't matter. It won't change school dates or sports eligibility.

While all these things are true. It does matter. A glimpse into his world before us. The only glimpse we have to give him. The moment he entered this world. And we were not going to give it to him because its annoying to change?

So on March 20th 2009 Belay entered this world. In a few weeks, although not legally yet, but for all intents and purposes he will be two. We figure as long as we get it changed by the time he turns 16 we'll be ok.

And to not seem like we don't love our second child as much as our first I need a disclamer that the only reason he isn't getting more than a family party is because we just dragged all our friens out in June to celebrate, so we'll give them a break until next March:)

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  1. Funny thing is, we think Noah is a little younger than he is on paper, more of a birthday in February - March. Which would make him and Belay the same age!!