Saturday, May 22, 2010

Belay's first doctors visit

After almost 2 weeks home Belay finally got in to see our pediatrician.  I don't really know where to begin with it all. Nothing surprised me.  He's a peanut.  On the growth chart he'd be a negative 15% maybe more and that is going by him at 11 months, if we go by 14 months its even worse. The concern is not so much about his weight as it is the proportion to his height (he is a whooping 1 % for height, not in the negatives. This lack of consistency between the two is a usual sign of malnutrition....obviously). There are many factors that play into this besides his weight and height, the fact that he has not gained 1 pound in 6 months being one of them  and without going into too much more detail, we are hoping the lab results shine some light onto the matter.  There are best case and worse case scenarios here.  Best case being we treat some worms or parasites, worse case...well I don't want or need to go there yet.
 I am very happy with our doctor and what we are choosing to do at the moment.  He has an ear infection, which I am actually happy about because it explains some of his behavior earlier in the week. He had us worried for a few days of inconsolable screaming, throwing up and not eating.  But in the last few days he is eating more than Adi, and she eats a lot.  So, we will keep doing what we're doing until there is reason to change.
It is a relief to get all this going, for I think we may have a long road ahead.
Belay is becoming so happy, he wants to walk more than anything in the world right now. Nothing is coming in his way, he plows through any and everything in his path.  Its amazing the difference between the 2. He falls flat on his face and gets up laughing to try again. Adi would have been out of commision for the day if she took some of the falls he has.  Is it the 6 months in the orphanage, the fact that his is a boy, or that he is a second child?

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