Friday, May 7, 2010

birth mother meeting

We were told it was very unlikely that we would be able to meet Belay's birth mother. But this morning we got a call saying she was here and ready to meet us.  I couldn't be happier with having this opportunity.  Today, so many questions were answered for us, even though it took 2 translators, one knew her language and Amharic, the other new Amharic and English. And, she was very shy and embarresed by some of the questions (like any teenager would), especially when were asked what she wished for his life.  Her smile matched Belay's identically. She held him, although seemed uncomfortable.  She knew the exact day of his birth, which surprised us too. He is in fact older than we thought. How can that be when you are only 14 pounds! We were given the birthday of June 19th, which I kinda liked. It meant we could have his first birthday party for him in a month when thing got settled, it also gave me the summer birthday I had alway longer for.  But she told us it was march 20th! making him almost 14 months old (big difference from 10/11 months)I know it won't matter in a few years, but it makes a big difference for his age.  So, him and Adi and almost exactly 1 yr apart. But it explains the teeth and the walking for sure.
We also found our more information from the nurse at the care center, on his health and vaccines etc.  It wasn't a huge deal, but now that we have all this info, we really wished we had it earlier, it just would have made us more at ease.
So as we set to depart Africa tomorrow, I am aching to return on our terms.  When we can leave the city and see Belays home town...one day.

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