Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Next few days

The last few days have been beautiful.  Adi is napping after a long day of playing and eating and shopping.
Belay is giggling and talking away to daddy in the other room.
Embassy was yesterday, glad thats over.  It was a long day, we were there all day. 
Belay may gain a full pound before we leave here. He is either eating or drinking a bottle.
I'm finally getting over this cold, somewhat, and am able to sorta smell again. The smells are what will always bring me back to Africa.  I am immediately brought back to my time in Egypt just by inhaling. I know Andy feels the same way. While Adi may not remember much of this trip,I hope she remembers the smells.


  1. enjoy every moment while you there....so true that the first time you step into an Eth restaurant stateside, it will take you back to this amazing journey.
    (Sure wish I had my referral so I could ask you to go to Sele to take lots of photos ;)

  2. so glad i got to take pictures and see your little girl.