Tuesday, May 18, 2010

finally writing from home

                                     Me getting "pinned", actually I think this was the lighting of the candle

                                                        The family after the pinning.

                                                                     This was a "kiss"

I have not been good about updating since we got home. I was waiting to post new pictures of us all at home but it seems that is taking way to long. We have been home for a little over a week and we are just beginning to feel normal again.  The flight home was long and hard. So was the flight there, but we had volcanic ash delays on the way home adding to it. We were met at the airport (a wee bit late, but better late than never huh?) by both Andy's parents and my parents and Andy's brother, wife and daughters.  It was a wonderful homecoming and they took lots of pictures of us that will be treasured.

The morning after we got home, I got up and spent the day studying for my nursing finals, Andy went off to work and Adi to preschool, so you could say we jumped right back into things. On that Tuesday I officially finished nursing school and was "pinned" (nursing graduate ceremony)on Thursday. I am trilled to finally be done with my RN. So needless to say it was a big week.
Belay is attaching well, I think. He always wants to be held and loved on.  Adi loves him and I love watching the siblings together. We have hard moments for sure.  Like getting out of the house, and getting them to nap at the same time without extra hands(since holding belay and laying down with Adi is not productive as they just goof off the whole time). I have found that it is easier to get them to nap one at a time, and the plus side to that is I get special one on one time with each one alone. It also seems that Belay is having a harder time sleeping than he did the first week, but again, I chalk this up to him adjusting/attaching/trusting that we are still here for him.
As a friend pointed out to me a few hours ago, its crazy to think that he had this year of his life that he will never remember, we will never really understand or know about, but will always be such an important part of who he is.
We have his first doc apt on friday, its been hard waiting 2 weeks. But I forgot to make an apt before we left and I really want him to see our pediatrician. He seems to have some trouble eating and throwing up (maybe thats why is is so small) and I'm sure he has all sorts of GI stuff going on. So it will be nice to start some of this testing on him.
Andy is exhausted and really looking forward to summer break. It has been really hard for him to go straight back to work and not be able to take a paternity leave. All in all things are going as expected, they are hard and 2 is harder than1, but it is so fun and beautiful too.


    One nurse to another, I know what a big deal this is!!

    Love the pics. Belay and Adi are oh so cute and I am big time jealous of that sunshine. It has been rainy and cold in Chicago almost every day since we got back!

  2. From yet another nurse, I can NOT imagine going through an adoption AND nursing school. I barely survived the emotions of nursing school!

  3. Yay, Jane!! Congratulations! Love the pics!

  4. Congrats on getting pinned! What a month for you all.