Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are here

After a long trip, we made it. We are so happy to be here that it over takes all the exhaustion.  We did not sleep at all on the 24 hrs of flying, thanks to adi who was way to excited to sleep. She had a blast on the plane, making friends with everyone. She even found another 2 yr old girl to watch dora the explorer DVDs with.
 It took a while to get through customs and our visas and exchange money. It was close to midnight before we got to the guest house. Everything here is beautiful, the guest house is way more that I had anticipated.
Even after how tired we were it took us a little while to fall alseep, I guess the excitement over came exhaustion.
Adi is still passed out and we are waiting to hear about when we can go get Belay.
The other 3 families we are traveling with are all here safe and sound too. Its wonderful to have met them and be here with them.
I will try to update after we have our little guy with us. I can't believe the day has finally come.


  1. so glad that you are there safe and sound...and by now (as proven on FB ;) I know you have your sweet son in your arms!!!! COngratulations :)

  2. SO glad you are finally there!!!!